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Blancco Technology Group

Erasure-as-a-Service by Blancco Technology Group

If you’re a managed service provider that provides data center services to clients, Blancco can help you guarantee data sanitization across servers, VMs, loose drives and other data center storage solutions. Blancco’s data erasure solutions can be used by tier one through tier four data centers in the following situations: Decommissioning servers in-rack Decommissioning full server arrays Technology upgrade projects Data center moves Avoiding NRD (Non-Return-Disk) fees, in case of break-fix disk replacement Data migration projects In the Enterprise If you’re providing desktop support in the enterprise, Blancco’s Erasure-as-a-Service (EaaS) solution can standardize the data sanitization process across your client’s infrastructure to increase efficiency, mitigate risk, meet compliance requirements and reduce TCO when it comes time to reallocate, resell or recycle.

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