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SOC by Uptime Solutions

Security Operations Centre (SOC) Your clients’ IT security is of utmost importance. There is an ever-increasing threat level, including ransomware, phishing and impersonation emails. This means your clients are looking to you, as their MSP, to ensure their data, and their money, are safe. Our white label SOC (Security Operations Centre) will help you deliver the IT security your clients are looking for. Why use Uptime’s SOC? Your clients, and you, will quickly be confident that their networks are protected. Our security stack consists of what we believe are the best products on the market, after extensive testing and evaluation of the options. 24/7 monitoring means your clients’ can rest easy at night, as well as during the day. Our focus includes your clients’ staff. With IBM saying up to 95% of breaches are caused by staff, we need to help them be aware and to provide the training they need. Our SEIM solution provides log data for any of your clients with compliance requirements, such as PCI or FCA. Dark web scanning is included, ensuring that personal details are not available for illegal use. Our Partner dashboards allow you to see exactly what is going on, giving you further peace of mind. Our role is to give you confidence that your clients’ networks are protected. That they are being monitored and any threats are being investigated and dealt with. Of course, we will keep you fully briefed on what has happened, or is happening if needed. We work in partnership with you to give your clients the peace of mind they are looking for.

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