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Victor Raessen
Presales Engineer
MSP Navigator
Hi đź‘‹, my name is Victor and I'm the founder of MSP Navigator. I'm here to help in any way I can!

MSP Navigator
by MSP Navigator

The world’s first MSP focussed platform, where you can connect with vendors and find products based on your technology stack. We provide value by cataloging the ecosystem of vendors that sell products to MSP's, organising their products in different categories and labeling them with abilities that tells prospective buyers what the product does..


We then map integrations between the different products that in exist in our dataset, to make it easy to determine if a product will work with your existing technology stack. For each vendor and product, we collect data points that are important for MSP’s when they are looking to buy a new product (think of supported languages, security features, release cycle frequency), and provide tips and best practices on how to buy in order to shorten the cost and duration of their buying cycle. 


We believe our MSP focus, in addition to our extensive and vendor neutral dataset offers an enormous amount of value for those MSP’s that are looking to source their next addition to their technology stack. By using our platform, MSP’s can realise huge time savings on product and vendor research that can be reallocated on the things that matter the most, ranging from days, weeks or months, depending on the complexity of the product..