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Plan4Continuity by CloudOak

Business Process Automation with the Push of a Button Plan4Continuity is a one-of-a-kind business process automation tool that can open up massive opportunities for IT service providers globally (including MSPs, CSPs, VARs and IT software and hardware providers) no matter the size of their client base in the SMB and SME space. Plan4Continuity makes provision for natural disasters as well as active shooter events and ransomware attacks. It also includes business process automation services including office relocation, facilities management, IT quarterly checks and key staff absence. Because Plan4Continuity is a brand-new solution that has never been offered before, IT service providers can take advantage of the opportunity to sell this to their client base as a new and innovative solution that their clients never had before so creating a recurring revenue stream. This will not only increase sales and profit margins, but recurring revenue can lead to better customer retention and increased business growth. Plan4Continuity automates the complete process of creating, activating, reporting and simulating business continuity plans into a single cloud-based application.

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