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Andrew Browne
Head of Partnerships
BeeCastle helps MSP sales teams be accountable, measured & intentional when growing existing accounts using data from ConnectWise and Microsoft 365.

BeeCastle Starter Plan by BeeCastle

Maximize your revenue with BeeCastle

Landing Hero

BeeCastle is an out-of-the-box solution for MSPs to maximise growth with your existing customer base. We expose data within Microsoft 365 and ConnectWise that allows account managers to be proactive when selling solutions and maintaining relationships with existing accounts.

We believe MSPs are often reactive when it comes to growing accounts and are missing opportunities, losing customers, and spending too much money on new customers.

With BeeCastle, sales teams will be empowered with insights that will allow them to be more efficient in growing their accounts and grow revenue for your MSP

Automated ConnectWise and Microsoft 365 insights at your fingertips

1. Tier your customers

Structure your customer data to identify the key sales motions with the biggest growth opportunity.

Tier your customers

2. Analyse your existing accounts

Identify which accounts in your existing customer base are good prospects for these sales motions.

Analyse your existing accounts

3. Proactively engage

Use data to measure your team and ensure you’re nurturing these accounts to pitch your solutions.

 Proactively engage

Works with ConnectWise and Microsoft 365

Sync records with Microsoft 365

Integrate with Microsoft 365 and never have to manually record a meeting again.

Sync records with Office 365

Integration with ConnectWise

Pull invoices, products, agreements and customer data from ConnectWise to keep it as your source of truth.

Integration with ConnectWise

Personal App within Microsoft Teams

Navigate the whole of BeeCastle inside the app you work in: Microsoft teams.

Personal App within Microsoft Teams

Built for sales leaders

  • Get full visibility on the financial impact of your clients
  • Develop key sales motions to lead your sales team
  • Review high level KPIs for account coverage and sales activities
  • Receive monthly reports summarising performance

Sales Leaders

Built for team members

  • Create targeted lists and segments to proactively manage your patch
  • Receive regular reports on your activity to make sure no follow up or account is missed
  • Identify cross sell opportunities within your accounts to have a pro-active conversation and find new opportunities

Team Members

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