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Microsoft CSP TIER1 integration Computicate provides a seamless Microsoft CSP TIER 1 integration, so you can automatically bill the subscriptions offered in the CSP program. The integration comes as a standard, included feature in the ComputicatePSA platform. Configuration of the integration is very easy, you will be up and running in a matter of minutes. After configuration of the Microsoft CSP TIER 1 integration The Microsoft CSP TIER 1 integration makes sure billing your CSP subscriptions is easy: All your Clients will be imported from you CSP portal Connect a client to a contract part Then select product that you want to bill from the list of CSP products this client is using Set your service description and price The amount of licenses will be synchronized automatically The list of services offered in the CSP program is being extended constantly. Billing of Microsoft CSP TIER 1 services is now a hassle – free process Adding Professional Services automation to your business can greatly benefit the way you deliver services as an MSP. It automates back-office and operations, which make you more efficient. This allow you to optimize profits and grow. However, the complexity and costs associated with the integration, implementation and use of PSA is often high. Computicate PSA has changed all this, by offering a next generation platform, which is out of the box, easy to use and affordable. Computicate PSA is a great way to experience the benefits of PSA, for any MSP, whether it is the first time you are adding PSA to the mix, or as an alternative for existing tools , that are complex and expensive.

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