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Independent MSP Consultants

These independent consultants have a broad experience and a long track record working for vendors and MSPs. When you're looking to upgrade your existing core platforms, migrating to a new platform or want to grow the utilisation of existing systems, give these experts a try.

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Research like a pro

Are you looking for tools to improve your processes or expand your services but don't know where to start? 


We help you save time discovering products and services based on segments and categories that make sense to you. 


We researched all vendor sources (company, product, support and social pages) you need to self educate, and linked them on the page and product cards.

Private Dashboard

Your dashboard lets you manage the products you use, share notes with your team, manage your presence in the marketplace, set your internal champion for each product and quickly catch up on the latest news using the smart links. 


Soon we will be able to make smart suggestions, based on your profile and the products you use.

Custom suggestions

When you sign-up and configure you stack, the discover view lets you visually discover gaps by showing you the empty categories. 


Clicking on a dimmed tile shows you all available products and services in that category.