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Hi there, Thanks for visiting! MSP Navigator is made exclusively for IT Managed Service providers like you!


My name is Victor Raessen and I'm the founder of MSP Navigator. I've worked in the MSP space doing different jobs for more than 23 years. One of the things I got frustrated with is how hard it is to find the right products and services to run your business and automate your processes. 


In 2019 I decided to build a central catalog with a structured overview of segments and categories to make it really fast and easy to find what your looking for.


Today, MSP Navigator consists of a smart product catalog, a dashboard to manage your products and a discovery view that introduces products and services that you could be using.


Besides enabling you to discover and keep track of new and relevant products much faster, you can sell your services for the products you support by enabling your MSP as a service provider for specific products. 


This enables technology buyers to find you based on location, domain expertise, capabilities as well as your expertise for the products the use.


Do you have any questions or want to get in touch ? Use the chat window on the bottom right of this page, connect on Linkedin, schedule an online meeting calendar or send an e-mail to hello@msp-navigator.com.


Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you!

Victor Raessen