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We keep you updated on the software you use today, and help you find new software you want to use in the future, that works with what you have.

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These is the top 10 of apps that more than 100 MSPs have added to their TechStack. Join us and add your stack to keep track of the app you use to help us bring better insights over time.

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February 6, 2021
New Low Code/No Code category
Building applications and prototypes used to mean hiring a developer do the work. Low code and no-code tools unlock new possibilities for talent that have great ideas but lack coding skills.
October 27, 2020
MSP Navigator on ChannelNext
MSP Navigator will be presenting on Channelnext's Saas & Cloud event on October 28 from 17:30-22:00 CEST. We will be talking about how MSP Navigator can help MSPs visualise their stack, discover gaps and discover products and services that can fill those gaps.
October 7, 2020
MSP Navigator on the SMB Podcast by Karl W. Palachuk
Last week, MSP Navigator was featured on Karl Palachuk's SMB Community Podcast. We talk about a better way for MSPs to manage their technology stack and discover new products and services to automate, grow or consolidate.
September 26, 2020
Expanded segments and categories
All products on in our catalog have now been sorted into main categories and subcategories, allowing you to quickly browse specific categories to find what you're looking for. Go to the categories page to start browsing.
September 26, 2020
Article on MSP Navigator in TechTarget
The article feature some insights from a user perspective by Wayne Wilson from Wanbound B.V. and Diederik Twickler from Campai B.V. Check out their company profile on MSP Navigator.
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