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Clark Integrated Technologies

Clark Integrated Technologies

Clark Integrated Technologies was founded in 1991 as an IT company serving the local farming and business community. Today CiT is an internationally recognised and award winning Managed Services Provider (MSP) with a broad client base. You are in good hands we are here to support, coach and defend our clients through their IT journey.

Our services are delivered to Comerical Businesses - a highly valued SMB, SME and long standing clientbase over the past two decade we have developed our focus on Scotland. Being a Managed Servcie Provider of IT and Secruity services we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet clients individual and specific requirements.

Our own Team of Support engineers take ownership of yout IT operations with a purpose to resolve all yout IT issues to your satisfaction. Supporting them are 2nd line engineers forming part of the professional escalation process for more complex issues. Finally we have 3rd line engineers each of whom is a specialist in specific technical disciplines such as Networking or Microsoft. We also have Professional Services Engineers who work with our Technical Project Managers to design, specify and install a complex range of ICT solutions.

As trusted partners of the SBRC and Cyber Essentials Plus Certifying Body we can take you through to Cyber Essentials Certification and set you on you way to comply with the GDPR Regulation.

Your IT partner we are here with you on your IT journey.