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The UK’s leading technology community. “We make our members and partners more profitable through collaboration. It’s as simple as that” Phylip Morgan, Network Group MD Helping Tech companies grow since 1994, when a handful of companies joined forces to create an IT buying group. Since then Network Group has evolved into a strong, innovative, dynamic and progressive sharing community with over 70 members from across the IT Channel. Owned by the members, for the members, who we support to buy better, sell more and increase profits. Our average member sees a 20%+ increase in turnover annually, as well as increases in profitability. The group is led by an executive which is drawn from the membership. The executive carries out the day to day running of the group, but every member has an equal say and is involved in any strategic decision making. It’s all about working together. With access to our truly exceptional pricing agreements in the highly competitive IT channel, it is the unique collaborative nature of Network Group that sets us apart. We have excellent relationships with preferred vendors and distributors, who attend regular meetings to present new products and services and to explore new opportunities. Members commit to focus their spend through these preferred channels. This helps to build and embed the exceptionally strong associations with our partners. Working together, everyone succeeds. Companies are vetted before they are allowed to become members. This ensures that each member adds to the strength of the group and that their business activities do not conflict with any existing members. “Network Group is so much more than a buying group, it is a community of likeminded professionals that I can trust and learn from. As a director of an IT company, NG gives me a trusted source of reference on all aspects of running a business, like mine.” Mostyn Thomas, Managing Director, ASTRIX.