Select the best plan that suit your needs below. 



Basic listing

Shows your company logo, primary category for your product, link to your website and about us block to provide product information.

Product limit

The amount of products you can create (additional products available as add-on in paid tiers)


News and social links

Give your visitors an easy way to educate around your company and products by adding news articles and enabling links to your social media channels.

Lead Generation

Enables call to action buttons on your pages that allow prospects to book a video meeting (links to your calendar planner), send a message or start a trial (if this feature is disabled on your plan, messages sent to you will be sent to our team instead, and relayed to you).

Product and news suggestion

Your products and news will show on your own pages, instead of suggested products or news from other vendors. Your products will show as “other products like this” on free tier pages.

Complete categorization

Select multiple secondary categories for your products to be listed and displayed.

Banners, screenshots and videos

Show banners, product screenshots and video on your company product pages.

PDF marketing materials

Share PDF Case studies, white papers and product brochures.

Category news

Your product news articles are shown on category pages your product is listed.

Featured category showcase

Week long featured category homepage spotlight (alongside 3 others).

Featured product showcase

Product Spotlight on the landing page with space for 2 per week rotating.


Enable interactions dashboard on the profile page